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Possibly the highest anticipated timepiece of all time, the Apple Watch is now available in a variety of different sizes and models. This smartwatch is packed with 8gb of internal storage, while running tailor made software named watchOS which syncs with the Apple suite of products such as iTunes. The unisex watch eliminates the need for you to pull out your phone ever in public, by allowing features such making and receiving calls, dictating and sending text messages, calling for a taxi, or tracking fitness information to be done directly from the watch on your wrist.

Through Apple’s proprietary voice command system – Siri, you are able to talk to your wrist whenever you are confused or lost, and find out exactly what you need or where you need to go. Other Apple perks such as Apple Pay are also built into the system, allowing you to just quickly swipe to make payments wherever possible. Meant to sync with your iPhone, the Apple Watch is a great extension of your mobile products in a groundbreaking complimentary form. While there are many unique built in features to the Apple Watch, there are a couple of drawbacks as well.

The rechargeable battery is set to last only up to 18 hours, allowing you just enough time to get through your busy day and back home to plug in your watch to charge. That is not exactly practical for frequent travelers, or individuals working extremely long hours. Usability issues have also have said to arisen, with it being said it is hard to navigate through so many apps and functions on such a small screen. The biggest drawback however, is the fact that it is a piece of technology, and like all technology, it faces the threat of becoming obsolete once the updated Apple Watch 2 arrives. The current Apple Watch is available on Amazon for $354!

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