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Without movement, a self-winding watch does not live up to its name. Daily wear upon your wrist will keep it going no problem – the movement of your arm through everyday activities will keep the internal rotor spinning, which in turn winds the mainspring to keep the watch ticking. As soon as you leave it sitting on your side table for a few days, the power bank within the battery will drain and your watch will be sitting idle. Read More →

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

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Fitbit is an American company founded in San Francisco, in 2007. Best known for its line of products branded under the same Fitbit name, they specialize in activity trackers, wireless enabled technology devices, and other devices that measure personal metrics. First entering the wearable devices market with the Fitbit Tracker in 2007, Fitbit is now a burgeoning technology company which just filed an IPO worth $358 million in 2015. Read More →

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One of the keys to saving money when buying watches is to shop online. Like most other online retailers, Internet watch sellers can offer customers must lower prices than they will find at brick-and-mortar stores. The main reason for this is that online retailers have much less overhead than stores who have to pay to maintain a physical storefront and sales staff.

Amazing Selection

As well as offering tremendous savings on the watches they sell, online retailers also are much more likely to have a better selection of watches for sale than physical stores. This is due to the restraints in space that most brick-and-mortar retailers are faced with. When online vendors do not have to put their watches in a physical storefront, they are able to carry a much larger selection of watches for lower prices. Read More →

Ring Clock: The Time Telling Ring

Ring Clock

In the world of time telling devices, there are a few standard forms we’re used, like wristwatches, pocket watches, clocks, and phones.  I bet you never thought about a watch built into a ring.  That’s exactly what the Ring Clock is, a rather chunky watch that you wear on your finger, instead of your wrist.

These Ring Clocks are pretty cool looking and out of the box thinking.  These “watches” are made out of surgical grade stainless steel and there is no glass, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your favorite timepiece. Read More →

Dottling Gyrowinder watch winder

Being a real watch enthusiast definitely means you have at least one automatic watch in your collection, and that’s a minimum!  But let’s face it, most of you here reading this awesome watch blog own multiple automatic watches (I’m guilty of this), and keeping these watches wound all the time can become quite a pain in the rear end.  Thankfully there are these amazing devices called watch winders that magically charge our precious timepieces.

There are countless watch winders available in the marketplace, from cheap to ultra-expensive.  If you’re looking for a really expensive and Read More →

Orient Watches USA Discount Coupon Code


Orient watches are one of our favorite affordable mechanical watches, they come with great Japanese technology, their designs are nice, and they cost way less than competitors that offer similar quality.  The prices are already reasonable enough but there are always various discount codes available and our friends at Unfinished Man have a special Orient Watches Coupon code for their readers, which offers a 40% discount on any watches purchased.

So head on over to Unfinished Man and get your 40% off Orient Watches Coupon for even more savings.  Orient Watches USA also offers free shipping within the United States.

Chronos-Safe-watch-safeSince you’re visiting Wrist Shots, we can assume you love your watches as much as we do.  Why not protect them with the Chronos Watch Safe by Brown Safe Manufacturing.

The Chronos Watch Safe comes with ballistic armor plating, includes an alarm and last but not least, includes a GPS tracking system, in case the bad guys decide to take the entire safe with them.  All this protection will cost you $58,750, worth every penny in our opinions. Read More →

iPod-Nano-wrist-watchThe iLoveHandles Rock Band for iPod Nano 6 is a cool and inexpensive way to turn your iPod into a watch.  The band is made out of genuine leather (iPod not included) and costs only $19.95.  The band has a special notch in the middle to accommodate the iPod Nano’s built in clip.