Diary With A Built-In Clock

Diary-Built-in-clockAs much as we depend on our smart phones, I personally like to make my schedules the old fashion way, by using paper, pen and my diary.  I guess I’m old school in that way, the same way we still use our watches while we could just as easily look at our phones to tell time.

The Watch Diary by Connect Design has both of the above mentioned items, a diary and a built-in clock.  I’m not sure how useful it is and the clock does seem to take real estate away from the writing part.  It could make a decent gift for a boss, that you don’t want to spend too much money on. Read More →

Giha-Woo-ClockOne of the simplest clocks I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, designer Giha Woo’s clock is so simple that it doesn’t even have minute/hour hands.  The watch uses two AA batteries for the hour and minute hands, these batteries (hands) also power the clock.  It is a very clever use of the batteries and the clock has a very modern art look to it. Read More →

Jet Engine Look-a-Like 4th Dimension Clock

22-Studio-Concrete-ClockDesigned by Taiwan’s 22 design studio, the “4th Dimension Clock” is made out of concrete and reminds me of a jet engine at first sight but after looking at it a few more times, it also looks like a stairway.  The clock consists of 12 triangular slices (stairs or propellers), each representing one hour.  Hopefully the clock’s not so heavy that it rips down walls.

Ligne Roset Espace Temps Wall Clock

Ligne-Roset-Espace-Temps-Wall-ClockA really unique clock, the Espace Temps Wall Clock by Ligne Roset is actually two clocks working independently from each other to tell time.  The first clock tells the hours while the second one tells the minutes.  The Espace Temps Clcok (clocks) are available in black or white ceramic and cost $460 for the set.

If you’re one of those people that keep hitting the snooze button every time the alarm goes off, the Aphelion Alarm Clock is for you.  The clock is designed to throw a ball across the room once the alarm goes off, forcing you to get up and retrieve the ball and place it on the clock because the alarm doesn’t stop until the ball has been place back on the clock. Read More →

Oregon Scientific Ferrari Clock

Oregon-Scientific-Ferrari-ClockVroom vroom – here’s a somewhat cool Ferrari licensed product, the Oregon Scientific Ferrari Clock.  The clock features some pretty neat tricks, including weather report, inside and outside temperatures, and time projection on any surface with the Ferrari prancing horse.  The coolest feature of the watch however is the alarm which sounds like a Ferrari engine.

Buy it: $154.99

Looks Like A Movado – Dagan Design Bamboo Clock

Gideon-Dagan-Design-ClockGideon Dagan Design’s Bamboo Clock is the prefect gadget for those who want to reduce their impact on the environment.  Made from rapidly renewable bamboo, the Bamboo Clock has a minimalist design, like a Movado Museum watch.  The clock measures at 9 inches in diameter and is powered by a US made quartz movement and requires only one AA battery. Read More →