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Possibly the highest anticipated timepiece of all time, the Apple Watch is now available in a variety of different sizes and models. This smartwatch is packed with 8gb of internal storage, while running tailor made software named watchOS which syncs with the Apple suite of products such as iTunes. The unisex watch eliminates the need for you to pull out your phone ever in public, by allowing features such making and receiving calls, dictating and sending text messages, calling for a taxi, or tracking fitness information to be done directly from the watch on your wrist. Read More →

Tikker the countdown wristwatch

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a wristwatch that counts down how many days you have left to live.  I’m not sure I’d want to know when I’m going to die, but it could be a good motivator by showing me the minutes/hours/days pass by as I just waste my life away.

Obviously this is more of a gimmick/novelty watch, because no one knows exactly when they’ll kick the bucket.  But the more I look at their promotional video and the concept behind this watch, the more I like it Read More →

Limited Edition Omega Sochi Petrograd Watches

2014 Omega Sochi Petrograd watches

We write a lot of articles about men’s watches, so here’s a little something for you ladies.  Omega, the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, is known for producing limited edition watches for each of the Olympic Games, this time they’ve introduced the limited edition Omega Sochi Petrograd watch for the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics in Russia.

The watch takes its design inspirations from the original Omega Petrograd watch produced way back in 1915.  According to Omega, the Petrograd watch was revived Read More →

O Watch by Tokujin Yoshioka for Issey Miyake

Tokujin-Yoshioka-O-WatchJapanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, in collaboration with Seiko Instruments, has created a minimalist and elegant watch called “O” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Issey Miyake watch project.

The name of the watch comes from the French word “eau” which is pronounced “O” and means water.  Therefore the watch is made out of transparent material to make it look like as if it were made out of water or more precisely, sculpted out of ice.  The “O Watch” will be released in July, no word on price or where it will be sold. Read More →

Louis Golay Pearls Of Time Watch Collection


The story started in 1887 when Louis Golay first started his business of trading precious stones and developing cultured pearls. Louis Golay, known for their fine jewelry over the last century, has released the new “Pearls of Time” collection. This elegant timepiece is beautifully decorated in diamonds and pearls that brilliantly shine and sparkle.

The first timepiece is a polished steel case with 18 stunning embedded pearls.  It also features a satin brush strap with a buckle. The second watch also features a polished steel case with 18 pearls but this one also has that extra sparkle featuring 50 diamonds on the bezel and eight diamonds on the dial. The final watch features a case made of 18-carat white gold. The case is also complimented by 448 diamonds and 17 pearls while the dial has 92 pearls and 4 diamonds. And finally, it features a satin strap with an 18-carat white gold buckle. Read More →

Corum-Golden-Bridge-30th-Anniversary-WatchTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Golden Bridge movement, Corum will be releasing two beautiful time pieces. The first is the Miss Golden Bridge which will finally feature a very unique and feminine case design. Until now, women had to choose among more masculine models. The case is transparent from all sides with its sapphire glass while the winding crown is placed at the 6 o’clock position.

The second watch being released this year is the Golden Bridge for Men which feature the dial behind the movement rather than the front like other watches. The caseback and the dial have openings to show off the beautiful caliber CO113. The case is available in yellow gold, red gold, white gold, and platinum. Read More →

Badollet-Crystallball-WatchBadollet Crystallball Bamboo White Diamond watch is a skeletonized watch, its movement bridges are designed to look like bamboo scaffolding.  The watch features a flying tourbillon and a minimalist mechanical movement.  The bridges are made out of high-tech aluminum lithium alloy.

The Crystallball Bamboo watch measures 40.2 mm wide by 43.2 mm tall and can be ordered in various materials such as palladium, ceramic, gold and titanium.  The watch case can be jewel-encrusted or engraved.  The watch is hand wound mechanical, featuring a 5 day power reserve and comes with a crocodile strap. Read More →

Jewel-elegance-sport-watchMost of us wear watches not only to tell time but also as a fashion accessory.  When it comes to women’s watches, they look more like jewellery than watches and the Jewel-Elegance-Sport (JES) watch is no exception.  Designed by Gregory Boucly, the JES watch can be worn as a bracelet or a watch with different configurations.  Each part of the watch is detachable and it even includes a diamond-looking jewel that can be placed at the center of the watch face. Read More →