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Without movement, a self-winding watch does not live up to its name. Daily wear upon your wrist will keep it going no problem – the movement of your arm through everyday activities will keep the internal rotor spinning, which in turn winds the mainspring to keep the watch ticking. As soon as you leave it sitting on your side table for a few days, the power bank within the battery will drain and your watch will be sitting idle.

Most watches are built to only store up to a couple of days’ time. You would then have to reset the date and time every time you were planning to put it into use. Not a problem for an individual who has only two to three pieces, but once your selection grows over that it will be imperative for you to have something to keep the watches times and dates in order. That’s where the Pangaea Q630 Automatic Six Watch Winder with LED Light comes in handy.
The Pangaea Q630 is known as a ‘Watch Winder’ – a must have for any collector. Watch winders have one specific task, which is to keep rotating the watch with enough for to create tension within in its mainspring. Watch winders come in a variety of different designs, builds, sizes, and several different accessories. There are winders available that hold as little as one watch, up to ones with hold up to dozens of pieces.
The Pangaea Q630 is built to hold up to six watches. Compatible with the luxury brand names such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Piaget, Breitling, and many others, the Q630 will keep your favorite watches in sync and ready to wear on a moment’s notice. A built in silent motor with an intermittent timer and controls for directions (clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternate) so you can customize it to your desires. The case has a glossy piano black finish, while the interior is a smooth black leatherette. An interior blue LED light showcases all your favorite pieces exquisitely.

The Pangaea Q630 Automatic Six Watch Winder is available on Amazon for $319.

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