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Fitbit is an American company founded in San Francisco, in 2007. Best known for its line of products branded under the same Fitbit name, they specialize in activity trackers, wireless enabled technology devices, and other devices that measure personal metrics. First entering the wearable devices market with the Fitbit Tracker in 2007, Fitbit is now a burgeoning technology company which just filed an IPO worth $358 million in 2015.

The Fitbit Surge was announced in late October 2014. A little bit of a departure from their other designs, the Surge is clearly designed as a smart-watch aimed at the fitness demographic, rather than just another piece of wearable technology. The Surge is a great complimentary product for the active individual, as it has many modes and features that can supplement your workout routine. The built in GPS tracker allows you to monitor distance, pace, elevation climbed, split times, and review any routes you may have completed. While on these routes/runs, you are able to constantly monitor your heart rate through wrist based measurements, getting continuous automatic feedback.

Not only does the Surge have the ability to monitor your workouts, it keeps track of your activity all day. Counting steps, distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed, and how many minutes you spent active in the day. After a long day of exercise the surge allows you to set an alarm and go to sleep, where it continues to monitor you, only this time your sleep rather than your physical activity. A built in gentle silent alarm wakes you up, with a feeling akin to someone tapping you on the wrist. The watch screen allows you to also view call and text notifications on the touchscreen display. All information can be wirelessly synced automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphone models. The Surge is a great watch for the active individual who likes to be connected and in control of their activities.

The Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is available on Amazon for only $222.

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