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Possibly the highest anticipated timepiece of all time, the Apple Watch is now available in a variety of different sizes and models. This smartwatch is packed with 8gb of internal storage, while running tailor made software named watchOS which syncs with the Apple suite of products such as iTunes. The unisex watch eliminates the need for you to pull out your phone ever in public, by allowing features such making and receiving calls, dictating and sending text messages, calling for a taxi, or tracking fitness information to be done directly from the watch on your wrist. Read More →

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The Casio Pro Trek series are a line of solar powered digital watches brought to you by the classic wristwatch company. The PRW-3500 series is the latest model in the Pro Trek line, coming packed with tons of useful features and enhancements from the previous generation of watches. Up to 48 cities can be programmed in to the watches memory for the frequent flyer consumer. A triple sensor functionality has been equipped to the watch, allowing you to access the compass, barometer, and altimeter at the touch of a button. Read More →

Hublot Flamengo Bang Wrist Watch

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Hublot, currently a giant in the timepiece sector and also growing in popularity due to endorsements from celebrity names such as Jay Z have in this watch crafted a mesmerizing and fantastic piece that compliments the wearer. The watch consists of a 44mm black ceramic case and features a black rubber gummy alligator strap. Keeping in line with the dark finishings, it holds a black dial with black hands and hour markers. The minute markers positioned all around the outer rim are white and propose a nice balance against the backdrop of black and red. Compromised of scratch resistant sapphire crystal, this piece has been made to last and to stay in perfect condition for years to come. The dial is in analog and the band has a deployment clasp with a push button release. Built with a water resistance to 330ft, the wearer is able to swim with it on and partake in most water based activities. While of course taking care not to exceed the limit.

This beautiful Hublot Flamengo Bang wrist watch is available on Amazon for a cool $15,200.


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This Bulova automatic stainless steel watch comes alive from the very first glance with its deep-seated red hour markers embellished against a dark frame. This in turn offsets against the black dial with gunmetal and white hands and luminous Arabic numerals. The dial window is made from anti reflective sapphire which guards against sunny days or heavily lit interiors. The case in itself is made from stainless steel while the band is black rubber strap with a width of 22mm. It should be noted that while this watch is water resistant it is only as such up to a depth of 30m (100ft). This more or less cancels out swimming or any activities that may involve water or liquid making prolonged contact. It can withstand very brief immersion to water but should not be worn in the bath or shower and in some cases shielded from extremely heavy downpours of rain.

The Bulova Percherson Swiss watch is available on Amazon for $729.


T-Sport T-Race Quartz Mens Watch By Tissot

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Tissot, a luxury Swiss watchmaker is known for its meticulous designs and flawless attention to detail. Hailed for their innovation, this relatively unknown manufacturer from the Swiss Jura mountains is taking craftsmanship at its word. This watch is a perfect embodiment of that, beginning with an outer casing of a stunning vibrant yellow. The watch is composed of a midnight black dial with hour and minute markers fashioned in the same hue of yellow. Owing to its lavish origins, it’s fitted with a Swiss quartz movement and chronograph feature. The exterior is polished with a brushed steel case that not only lends itself to being sturdy and durable but also allows for a bespoke finish. The clasp has a deployment buckle while the display is in analog. The band material is thick at 12mm and is made from light but tough rubber. The watch is also water resistant to a level of 330 feet.

The watch is available on Amazon for only $397.

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Constructed in 2012, this beautiful Citizen BL5470-06A Stainless Steel timepiece has been crafted in a sleek finish of stainless metal, harboring chronograph subdials and hour markers. It has a 44mm stainless steel case with a mineral dial window with a Japanese style quartz movement and analog display. The leather band to the timepiece has been croco embossed with a buckle closure. For customers who enjoy the outdoors, particularly swimming, there is a waster resistant depth of up to 100m (330 ft). This allows for a variety of water-based activities such as the aforementioned swimming and snorkeling, however it is not suitable for scuba diving or anything that may take you underneath the depth limit. On to the band of the watch; it is a light brown with a width of 22m and made from leather that leaves a nice touch to the overall appearance of the watch.

Available on Amazon for only $252.

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This Ferrari Men’s XX Kers catches the eye with its enchanting black exterior encased in stainless steel. Comprised of a sporty 3 hand engine that is suitably accompanied by a branded silicone strap. Equipped with durable mineral crystals, these protect the watch from scratches and further damage that can be brought on by wear. The piece has a Japanese quartz style movement with a case diameter of 54mm. The piece has also been fitted with water resistant materials but should be noted that it is as such only to a depth of 165ft. The watch weighs in at 4.96 oz with an analog display and a 24mm bandwidth made of silicone. The watch has become popular simply through brand recognition as Ferrari is also a household name. As well as one that has become synonymous with quality and efficiency, both very much sought after attributes in a watch.

Available on Amazon for just $445.

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Finding the right place to buy a watch online is never easy, especially if you’re interested in getting the best deal possible. When all is said and done, you want to be able to say that you’ve gotten your hands on the best watch you could have possibly gotten – but you don’t want to be able to say that you paid way too much money for it. Read More →