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Initially founded by in Kintaro Hattori in 1881, Seiko was first introduced in a watch and jewelry shop called ‘K. Hattori’. Created in the Ginza area of Tokyo, the K.Hattori shop was owned by Kintaro, and was later known for selling clocks branded under the name Seikosha. Seikosha (roughly translates to ‘House of Exquisite Workmanship), was later branded Seiko (translates into success). While Seiko’s first branded watches started retailing in 1924, the revolutionary Astron line was not unveiled until Christmas of 1969. Listed at a retail price of a medium sized car at the time (450,000 yen or US $1,250), over 100 watches were sold in the first week of them being available.

An extraordinary timepiece, the Seiko Astron line was credited for creating the world’s very first quartz clock wristwatch. The quartz clock was such a revolutionary invention that it has been listed in the ‘List of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers milestones, a list that represents key human historical achievements and advancements in electronic and electrical engineering.

The latest Astron is a solar powered analog watch, which relies on real time GPS satellite signals to adjust to the exact precise time wherever you are on Earth. The watch has many built in smart features within its stainless steel frame. The Astron has the ability to adjust to and recognize all 39 time zones through a special onboard database that splits up the Earth’s surface into one million individual squares. By first determining its GPS position using its GPS, the watch compares its location within the million squares and determines which time zone it currently is in. No other timepiece has this database or the ability to do this as of yet. Seiko proudly boasts that the Astron can work anywhere on Earth, in any desert, ocean, or mountaintop.

The watch has a flat sapphire crystal face with a ceramic bezel surrounding its stainless steel casing. The Seiko Astron GPS Solar SAST009G Mens Wrist Watch is available on Amazon for affordable $945.

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