Celebrating 60 Years of Orient Watches

Limited-Edition-Orient-Watch-SDT00001sOrient is celebrating their 60th anniversary with the release of the SDT0000 series of watches.  The watches are an homage to the good old days of Orient and are designed to look vintage.  They feature a dome crystal; styled after the 50’s Orient watches and use Orient’s original logo.

Two variations of the watches are available, gold case (SDT00001S) and stainless steel case (SDT00002W).  The gold one costs $600 and the stainless steel one costs $480 but can be had for half price and free shipping with coupon code happy60.  The watch case measures 39mm and have a mechanical movement and a 40 hour reserve indicator and come with calf leather strap.  The watches are limited to 3,000 pieces, 1,500 in each color. Read More →

Orient’s New Sporty Watch FET0H001B

Orient-Sporty-Watch-FET0H001BOrient’s sporty men’s watch, Orient FET0H001B is now available in North America.  The Orient FET0H001B looks very elegant and in typical Orient fashion, is a great bang for the buck.  The Orient FET0H001B costs only $335 but can be had for much cheaper with a coupon from Orient Watch USA (49% off until September 19, 2010 – Coupon code newwatch49*). Read More →