Oris BC4 4e RHFS Limited Edition

French-Military-Oris-WatchThe limited edition Oris BC4 4e RHFS watch is inspired by France’s aviation unit “4ème Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales” which means “4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment”.  The watch has the usual military look found in most military-inspired watches.

It comes with a 42.7 mm steel case and is powered by an automatic mechanical movement.  The watch features a chronograph and has a black leather strap, limited to 1,000 pieces. Read More →

Oris-Artix-Complication-WatchThe Oris Artix Complication is a beautifully designed watch that looks simple at first glance but upon further inspection reveals many features.  The watch is part of the new Artix line of watches by Oris and incorporates a moonphase, day and month display, and a pointer calendar.  The watch comes in a 42mm case and can be equipped with a leather strap or a metal bracelet.