Tokyo Flash Kisai Blade LED Watch

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Here is a unique looking watch and something that you wouldn’t see everyday. The Kisai Blade LED Watch is affordable and definitely a head turner. This watch is brought to you by the folks over at Tokyo Flash Japan. The watch was designed to resemble a turbine engine and uses a non-traditional method of displaying time by utilizing LED lights.

The LED watch comes in silver, gold, or black and each color comes with a leather strap as an option. When it comes to displaying time, you can choose between three different LED colors such as blue, green, and red. Not only does the watch look unique but it also displays time in a unique way requiring concentration on your part. Read More →

TokyoFlash Kisai Intoxicated Watch

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Here’s something you don’t see every day, a wristwatch with a built-in breathalyzer.  The TokyoFlash Kisai Intoxicated watch comes with a sensor that lets the user blow onto if for 5 seconds, and then the watch displays the blood alcohol content (BAC).

The watch’s LED display changes color depending on the BAC.  Green for sober, Yellow for “you’ve had a few”, and Red for “you’re drunk”.  We suggest you use good judgement before you get behind the wheel of a car and not go by what this watch tells you, who knows how accurate it is.  The watch aslo does its main function of displaying time, date, and alarm.  The TokyoFlash Kisai Intoxicated watch is priced at $149. Read More →

LED Buckle Concept Watch

Tokyo-flash-LED-Buckle-WatchThe LED Buckle watch is another crazy concept watch from Tokyo Flash, designed by Devindh.  The watch looks like a belt-buckle and uses LED lights to show time.  The hour indicators are represented by green (or blue) lights in the middle part of the watch and the outer rings shows the minutes via red (or green) LED lights. Read More →

Tron Inspired 7r0n Watch

7r0n-tron-inspired-watchThe 7r0n is a cool looking concept watch inspired by Tron and is designed by Scott Galloway.  The watch has a bright LED display for showing time and consists of two circles that act as the hour and minute hands.  The inner circle represents the hours and the outer circle represents minutes.

The 7r0n (Seven-R-Zero-N) watches would come in three colors (blue, red, and yellow).  The concept is presented at Tokyo Flash, if it gets enough votes, it will be produced. Read More →

Optical-Illusion-Watch-FrontThe Optical Illusion concept watch by TokyoFlash is sure to induce a lot of headaches if it ever goes into production.  The watch hides time somewhere in those funky zigzag lines, kind of like those optical illusion posters from the 1990’s (which, I was really bad at).  If you don’t feel like solving the “puzzle”, just press a button and time will be displayed. Read More →