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The Casio Pro Trek series are a line of solar powered digital watches brought to you by the classic wristwatch company. The PRW-3500 series is the latest model in the Pro Trek line, coming packed with tons of useful features and enhancements from the previous generation of watches. Up to 48 cities can be programmed in to the watches memory for the frequent flyer consumer. A triple sensor functionality has been equipped to the watch, allowing you to access the compass, barometer, and altimeter at the touch of a button.

The compass allows you to navigate in all directions with comfort and confidence, while the barometric pressure sensor will warn you of any sudden weather changes you may encounter after mapping the time needed to reach the summit with the altimeter. While the movement in the watch is responsible for a large part of the power generation, it is also equipped with a 6 band atomic clock radio signal receiver, allowing it to automatically sync time wherever signals are located and picked up. This solar powered battery can last up to 7 months once fully charged.

The Pro Trek series encourages the owner of the timepiece to get out and explore the environment around them, high above the surface of the earth or deep below underwater. This timepiece is water resistant to a depth of up to 200 meters, with full a LED display illumination system. The ‘super illuminator backlight with afterglow feature and its water resistance features make it a great watch for dark and wet environments. The time is displayed on a digital display with quartz movement which is surrounded with an ion plated stainless steel rotary bezel, and housed in a 56.9mm stainless steel case. Extremely functional, durable, and stylish, the PRW-3500 is a great timepiece for all your outdoor adventures and available on Amazon for just $208.

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